Understanding (or being aware) of culture helps to understand why people show a certain behavior and make choices.

By understanding how values and other cultural factors influence needs and behavior, as a designer you have a better chance to create (digital) design products that better reflect the goals and needs of your users.

This knowledge can also help you to understand behavior in other cultures. This is a useful start if you want to work abroad. Nevertheless, you will experience the culture the most when you actually sit right in the middle.

With this in mind my colleague (Pablo) and I chose to redesign Facebook for young-professionals. We did some research about young-professionals and their behavior, this is documented in Dutch. Facebook translates our physical world to an online platform. Facebook is in essence the same platform all over the world, but the usage (how and why people use it) is different in every country. The way young-professionals use Facebook is different from, lets say, teenage kids.

To make Facebook less generic Pablo and I decided to choose a target audience and redesign the huge platform around them. With the redesign we created, a young-professional can obtain high-quality content such as professional written articles about business, the environment and other profound subjects. You can follow people and connect with them with – if needed – a top of the bill translation integration.