The Adfogroep (publisher) is the leader in marketing and communication expenses. Adfogroep helps professionals to further develop themselves and companies to shed their business. The cross-media platform includes leading brands and has the largest qualitative reach among marcom professionals in the Netherlands. One of those customers is Tijdschrift voor Marketing (TVM). Translated in Enlish it means Magazine for Marketing.

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The magazine made on the basis of a standard grid, moreover, a basic principle of graphic design. This TVM project I received covered a spread (two facing pages). Due to the rather long titleThis TVM project I received covered a spread (two facing pages). Due to the rather long title, it took quite some time to figure out how the layout of the spread should be. Additionally, there was a horizontal image provided byTVM. But they wanted it vertically. After a few hours there was already a fairly complete design.

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According to a grid is a collection of (imaginary) horizontal and vertical lines on which you align the elements of your design. And that happens a lot: The grid is all around you applied by people in books, magazines, but also in planning of streets, the establishment of a shop, office or your living room. Look a little better and you will see: the grid is everywhere, it is in our blood. We want to structure, categorize. It is a way to deal with the world. To investigate this, it starts at the largest information and communication system of today: the web. The web is a functional, technical and standardized medium. HTML5 and CSS3 are the standardized methods to build websites. We work with a box model. The medium dictates the shape, and as web designers we will find the way to create beauty in what we make. Web design, and graphic design draft in general, comes to structuring information. Its about making clear what is not immediately obvious. Communicating. The grid provides your user or reader support to help read or scan information quickly, but does not dominate the design.The grid is about the feel. You use the grid in the process, place the elements of your design on the grid and if all goes well you will see the grid not directly in the final result, but feel that its is there. The grid is then also not a rigid limitation, but a way to give an organized feel to complicated shapes of information. The grid, in short, gives people a good organized feeling.