Imagine going to your favorite website for news on your particular interest in life (sports, tech, games etc.). You’re used to mentally screening out the banner ads on the page–they’re always in the same place and seem the same. You’re about to check out the latest news when suddenly the web page opens up to reveal some strange new ad you’ve never seen before.

These are full page takeovers–an immersive ad experience that hijacks the page for a few seconds. They emerged due to increasing pressure on advertisers to be entertaining enough to cut through the daily clutter of the online world. They make a much bigger impact, are more easily remembered and get more interaction than banner ads.

Also given other names such as website takeovers, rich media takeovers, page morphs or overlays, full page takeovers are appearing more frequently all over the web. They run the fine line between having web users who think they are annoyingly intrusive and those who think they are really cool.

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-01 om 12.16.41

A good full page takeover tells a story in about 8 seconds (the usual length before the ad experience automatically closes). Some kind of meta story needs to remain in the mind once the ad ends. The user may remember the experience but not necessarily the details. This kind of subconscious impact is more appealing to an individual and drives them to want to do something such as clicking to learn more, watch a videos, etc.

This is a takeover I made for HBO commissioned by KICK (my internship company). The stills and key arts on the left skin of the takeover light out the bigger stills in the right skin.

See the takeover for yourself! (Doesn’t work with ad blockers).