KICK has been asked to create a visual plan for LG with their new LG CordZero productline. These are different vacuum cleaner models with the USP (unique selling point) that they are wireless. I was asked as shadow command to unleash my creativity and create a visual plan for LG and their CordZero products. Based on mail contact with the LG spokesman, I prepared a briefing. Besides the briefing the visual plan I made shows the current LG (visual) marketing strategies, LG homemade creative expressions for the visual plan, desk research and more. For me this assignment is gives me an appropriate chance to demonstrate my creative capabilities of LG and KICK.

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The document should show how I would modify or change the pictures of the LG CordZero page on the LG website, for better and appropriate visual support of the CordZero vacuum cleaner family. Before I started with the visual plan, it is important to know the products I am designing for. What makes the product unique?

The main USP shows that the LG CordZero vacuum cleaner is completely wireless and rolls with the user. LG would like the campaign to emphasize the agility of LG CordZero vacuum cleaner.

In order to highlight the features of a product, it is important to get the context of the product too. The situation, lifestyle, location, time, etc. give the potential customer a better idea of what the product is like. Perspective- and contextcreation are used to not only the better explain the product, but also give context to a product in wich consumers can identify themselves. LG has photography in which a man is vacuuming an SUV with the LG CordZero vacuum cleaner.

This shows the maneuverability of the cleaner in a good manner. The picture shows not only the USP of the product, but also a situation which is relevant to consumers: vacuuming your car. This picture is unfortunately not yet in use by LG.

In addition to the document, I have proposed a recommendation to use a consistent photography. When photography is too diverse, it can have the result that the change of style (due to the inconsistent photography) is distracting and annoying. The consumer can therefore not identify with the lifestyle and the enjoyment that product the produces.