LG is a Korean conglomerate (a large company from different divisions that do not relate to each other) that is active in electronics, chemicals, energy, trade and financing. In the period that I had my internship at KICK LG had an online campaign for the LG G5. Based on different themes; Sports, Food, and People Into The Wild promoted the LG G5. The themes were combined with the Smartphone Photographer of the Year award to sell the device. Smartphone Photographer Of The Year (Spoty) award was about uploading pictures within the mentioned themes. The photos were listed in the campaign as Life’s Good Moments. Although the campaign had a lot of views and numerous Life’s Good Moments (photos) uploads on the website, there are no record sales achieved yet.

LG asked KICK (intern company) after noticing this to help to boost the sales of the LG G5. To give the G5 a good boost in sales, the People theme was removed from the planned accompanying online campaign, and the KICK Studio and I came up with a new plan: A marketing campaign based on the Into The Wild (last theme).

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-01 om 10.03.10


Schermafbeelding 2016-07-01 om 10.06.05
The green theme color of Into The Wild is going to be used again with a modified banner (ad) format. The ads are more focused on the device and the free accessories that you receive as a consumer. This is different from the Into The Wild campaign, which was aimed at stimulating the participation of the SPOTY award. These are the older G5 banners:


The banner I designed was made on the basis of a style guide (design handbook) of KICK. The rules are applied from the style guide since it gives the banner a fresher and cleaner look. The banners are designed using Adobe InDesign and are eventually built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.