Within the project Design for Business the focus is on the design of a product that meets the demands and needs of both users and other stakeholders. Design for Business is focused on electric vehicles and a new infrastructure for Amsterdam.

Questions that come to be focused on are:

  • How do you keep in a good way take into account all the stakeholders?
  • What interests and capabilities have all those stakeholders?
  • What need would have to fulfill a new product?

The DFB project is designed to teach you to deal with all these questions. To find answers on these questions, we use the knowledge and theory from the appropriate boxes. We’re doing a project for a client who has a complex problem related to developments in the macro environment about electric cars. Businesses, end-users and other stakeholders have different needs and interests, and it is up to you as a designer to find a good solution that provides added value for all parties. That value may lie in many areas: financial, user experience, efficiency, business models etc.


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