The potential user of an electric car is in need of a structured information about all the essentials of driving and buying an electric car. The target group uses the internet on desktops / laptops and prefer easy-to-use websites. The average age is in between 30 and 60 years old.

We have done research on electric vehicles in general,  the Key Trends, Market Forces, Industry Forces and Macroeconomics Forces in relation to electric vehicles. On the basis of our personal vision and conversations we have encountered with acquaintances that there is too much unstructured information available. This makes the threshold for many people to high to inform themselves or even buy an electric car.


With this problem in mind, my team and I created an adaptive website. This essentially means that the website adapts to the use, given information and location data. Based upon the data the website delivers a personal advice on what car suits the user best. This combined with general useful information about electric cars provide a well-suited solution for our primary target group.

This is the screen with information about electric cars divided in Standard / News / Tips & Tricks and Frequently Asked Questions



In the screen above you can see an expanded articles about charging-cards.

The screen below shows the form [ empty ] the user has to fill to receive an personal advice.

form-2-0-leeg form-ingevuld-2-0

When it is filled it looks something like up here ^

The final screen is the result screen. This displays the advice you will receive after filling up the forms in the two screens above.