Midas Vreeburg | Picture

I am Midas Vreeburg. I was born in 1997 and I live in Edam, Netherlands. Currently I am studying Communication & Multimedia Design (CMD) in Amsterdam. CMD is a multimedia design oriented study. I learn about users and how to design for them. Topics such as User Centred Design, User Experience Design, Interaction Design, Information Architecture are not to be left out. I am incredibly curious why things happen, why people behave certain ways, why one product is more liked than the other. I am an open and optimistic person. I don’t see problems, I see challenges. I always strive to learn and enjoy every bit of the now. I am familiar with designing for web and print. As well as developing using codes. I am most familiar with HTML and CSS. Setting up websites/webshops using WordPress is something I do daily.

Aside from webdesign (or design in every form) my passion is lifting weights. Based upon the spare time I have I like to train hour everyday.
Yes, seven times a week.

Imagining the customer needs is to me familiar territory. I do not go to work without knowing what exactly should happen. Analyzing the requirements is quite usual for me. It makes my job easier and more efficient. As well as a critical mindset towards a briefing; is it feasible within the required time? This, and other questions make all the difference between good and bad projects.

In terms of creativity it stikes me that I am pretty creative. It remains a difficult feature to assign yourself with. I think creativity is a good and strong feature, thus it feels kind of wrong to compliment myself.

But the compliment / cocky feeling that it gives me is not that important. When are you creative? If you can think of a different solution than from others? Or when you surprise yourself with a hunch or idea? Room for more creativity is always there.

I master the Adobe software (Illustrator and InDesign, among the other programs) better than my family, but to say that I am well, who I am l to judge? I can say that there are lots of skills that I master, but also a lot that I don’t. I think that due to the lack of skill and knowledge (which I guaranteed have) conflict with my creativity.

If I know all the possibilities of the software I can possibly get more ideas than I do now. This is because I probably shut off some ideas passively, because I think they are ’impossible’ with the knowledge I currently have.

This is something I hope to improve in the future. I think it takes time and a lot of experience. But most important of all, I can’t wait to discover even more of the design industry.