There are several services I provide my clients with. I can provide you with the following products:


  • Basic website: Offering a basic website with a few projects, pages and plug-ins. This website will be provided within a short timespan. I will develop the basics and hand over the website, with the information thats needed to finish it yourself.
    Price range: €100 – €200 excl. hosting & domain.
  • Full-service website: Offering a website that 100% suits your needs.
    The website will be provided with weekly edits if necessary.
    Price range: €400 – €600 excl. hosting & domain.
  • Advertisement: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, IAB-standards. Every kind of ad is possible.
    Price range: €40 – €80.


  • Documents: Ranging from magazines, conceptdocument, business plans. You name it, I will provide it with the right looks. Price depends on the amount of pages, average price:
    €2 – €4 per page, excl. printing costs.
  • Advertisement: Posters, Flyers, Billboards, Custom sizes, just the way you want it.
    Price range: €25 – €75, excl. printing costs.

If you are interested in any of my services, or have question, do not hesitate and get in touch right here: